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Family Training

OPAT is a 4-piece puzzle including OPAT, the community, the child, and the family. Ongoing family training is a necessary component to your child's success.

With the rise in the prevalence of autism affecting 1 in 36 children, the need for early intensive intervention services is growing without enough resources to fill the need.  Currently, there are services being provided through in-home applications and through clinic-based models.  With in-home services, there are many disadvantages that impede with learning such as the family dynamics, inconsistencies within scheduling and program implementation, distractions within the environment, working families unable to be present during sessions, space limitations, etc.  There are advantages to both; however, a clinic-based model provides more control, consistency, and the potential to maximize optimal teaching opportunities.  According to the Central Valley Regional Center, a non-profit referral resource agency dedicated to finding services with persons with developmental disabilities, reports that 2,324 patients between the ages of 3 and 21 were diagnosed with autism from 2013 to 2014 (CVRC, 2015). One Piece at a Time Development Center, LLC. was an idea developed in order to fulfill a need where a gap in applied behavior analysis services was apparent. 

One Piece at a Time Development Center (OPAT) uses scientifically validated applied behavior analysis therapy while providing a therapeutic treatment environment; individualized curricula focusing on behavior modification and targeting deficits in pre-academic, cognitive, motor, social, communication, and daily living skills.  Other services will also be offered in order to promote parent education; provide social groups; relationship support; and separate support groups tailored to mothers, fathers, siblings, or other caregivers. OPAT’s primary goal is to establish a solid foundation within the family unit to understanding their child’s needs, as it relates to their diagnosis.  OPAT strives towards healing the entire family unit, bringing families together, and allowing families to function without the diagnosis of autism controlling their livelihood.  Our goal is to bridge the gap on the learning curve between typically developing peers, in order to allow them to become active participants within the community.

OPAT’s mission is keeping families together one piece at a time. Every puzzle has a missing piece. Let OPAT help you complete that puzzle.

Gloria Walker, MS, BCBA

She is passionate with helping individuals affected by autism

What to Expect

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A Functional Behavior Assessment will be conducted to determine an appropriate treatment plan for your child. This process typically takes 1-2 months.

ABA Therapy

Daily one-on-one therapy will be provided in order to work on the goals identified in the treatment plan. Progress is reviewed weekly and a re-assessment is conducted every 6 months.

Ryanne Garza, MA, BCBA

Her goal is to help individuals affected by autism for the right reasons

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