Development Center

Blia Yang
Behavioral Therapist

Kimberly Martin is a Behavioral Therapist at OPAT.  She has 15 years of experience working with children and adults with autism, other developmental disorders, and behavioral challenges.  She is passionate about helping people with autism achieve their true potential.  Her interests are caring for all of her pets, working out at the gym, reading, and hanging out with friends.


Bryanna Becerril, BA
Program Manager

Gaoia Yang has been working in the Applied Behavior Analysis field for over 4 years. She joined the OPAT team in June of 2016. She is currently a Registered Behavior Technician pursuing a degree in psychology. She hopes to further her knowledge in the field in order to apply it at work and help those in need. During her free time, she enjoys kayaking and going on mini trips with her loved ones.

Blia Yang is a Behavioral Therapist. She has been a part of the OPAT family since 2016. Her dream profession is to help children from all ages. She's a student at Fresno State and is currently pursuing her BA in Child Development.

Gloria Walker is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with her Master’s degree in teaching with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. Gloria has experience with designing, implementing, and evaluating programs for children with disabilities.  She also provides training, in English and Spanish, in behavior management for parents who are in need of immediate guidance.  Over the years, Gloria has focused on helping parents cope with the difficulties that come with the diagnosis and helping the families effectively implement the behavior plans in order to ensure maximum potential in the overall quality of life for their children.  Gloria’s education, passion, and experience are the driving force behind her dedication towards helping families and children with autism. 

Areli Garcia
Behavioral Therapist

Gloria Walker, MA, BCBA
Clinical Director & Owner

Christa Herr
Behavioral Therapist

Areli Garcia, born and raised in Modesto, California, took a chance on her dreams to study in a different city. Being a first-generation student has opened multiple doors for her at Fresno State. She is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and aspires to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. With an interest in volunteering at OPAT, Areli stumbled across an amazing opportunity in applied behavioral analysis and hasn't looked back since. 

Christa Herr came to OPAT with a passion for working with children. She has been in the Applied Behavior Analysis field for almost a year and has described working with OPAT as an amazing experience. She truly loves the one on one interaction with the patients because it gives her the ability to get to know each one of her patients individually. One thing that she looks forward to each and every day working with children with autism is that you see improvements in each patient knowing that it’s your hard work and dedication making a difference in their life. It is definitely a blessing. 

Gaoia Yang, RBT
Assistant Clinical Supervisor

Kim Martin
Behavioral Therapist

Lou Thao joined OPAT in November 2016 as a Behavioral Therapist. She has a passion of caring for others and was a certified nursing assistant for 8 years. Lou continues to demonstrate her passion of caring for others by working with her patients at OPAT. Her goal is to focus on increasing positive social activities and continue caring for others. 

Lou Thao
Behavioral Therapist

In 2016, Bryanna Becerril graduated from Fresno State with a BA in Psychology. She has been working in the Applied Behavior Analysis field for over 2 years. Over the course of that time, she started out as a Behavior Technician to becoming a Registered Behavior Technician. Bryanna has demonstrated exceptional competence with behavior analytic principles and was promoted to a Clinical Supervisor. What she loves most is working with the patients knowing that it is making a difference in their lives. With the support from her fellow colleagues and the families, working at OPAT has been an amazing learning environment. She aspires to become a teacher in special education and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.